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Eliminate chlorine and
99% of Toxic chemicals from your pool. foreveR!

A woman swimming in clean and fresh poolA woman swimming in fresh and clean pool
The Aquastaser water cleaning product

The Aquastaser

Chlorine and chemical Free pool solution!

The Aquastaser keeps your pool clean and safe for your and your family. It works without chlorine and chemicals. The Aquastaser uses hydrodynamic cavitation to remove bacteria from the water.

What does that mean?

Water is forced into our patented device. High temperatures, and lots of bubbles destroy anything you wouldn't want in your pool water. It's that simple.

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How does the aquastaser work?

The aquastaser Utilizes our patented process
that neutralizes pathogens in your pool water
for a clean and safe swimming experience

Powered by the pressure of your pool filter, water enters the Aquastaser.

Our patented process creates intense velocity, high temperatures and a whole lot of tiny bubbles, neutralizing pathogens and bacteria.

Sanitized water passes through a copper screen, cleaning your pool water even further.

Clean, balanced, and purified water returns to your swimming pool.

The Aquastaser water cleaning product

this is Not a
salt water pool

Did you know? Salt water pools require chemicals too!

Most people think that Saltwater pools reduce chemicals and chlorine, but they often require more than conventional pools.

Aquastaser eliminates ALL harmful chemicals and chlorine!

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THe Proof is in the pool

From Green, to Clean In 5 Days With no Chlorine

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Eliminate Chemicals.
Save Money!

How Much Money Will you Save?

On average, the Aquastaser will save customers with a 20,000 gallon pool nearly $2,000 per year in chlorine and additional pool chemicals.  Over five years, that is $10,000 in savings.

Select your pool size (Gallons):


Pool-size: 20k Gallons, then you will save

$1900/1 Year
$9500/5 Years

Calculated based on average US consumer cost. Results may vary by state and personal usage.

a person diving happily in to the clean and fresh pool

eliminate Harmful
pool chemicals

Aquastaser's got you covered!

Absolutely Natural

Free from all chemicals,
and safe for your family

Perfect Balance

Balances pH and pools
levels without additives


Destroys all viruses and bacteria in your water

Save the Planet

Plastic containers - gone!
Harsh chemicals - gone!

What do customers
have to say?

Don't take our word for it.

A woman happily swimming in the pool
Rachael C.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

100% Natural and Healthy pool

When we bought our home the pool had a saltwater system. I was confused when we found out it still needed tons of chemicals and pool shock. We found the Aquastaser, and our family now swims in 100% natural and safe pool water.

A woman happily swimming in the pool
Chantal M.
Orange County, CA

Balanced, chemical free Water

After years of needing to add acid, stabilizer and chemicals to our pool, we now let the Aquastaser do all the work. It balances our pH and kills the bad stuff in our pool water, without compromising our health.

A woman happily swimming in the pool
Matt V.
Prescott, AZ

Clear, Clean Water and Saved $$

Our pool water is crystal clear and perfectly blue. Not only that, after a year of having the Aquastaser we have saved a lot of money in eliminating the chemicals and chlorine. Our pool guy was not very happy when we told him we didn't need him anymore, lol!

A woman happily swimming in the pool
Greg C
Phoenix, AZ

Zero Chlorine. Love it!

My wife and I love our Aquastaser on our pool. We are so shocked and impressed how we no longer need chlorine in our pool. My favorite part is my skin doesn't itch anymore and my eyes don't burn after swimming.

A woman happily swimming in the pool
Elona B.
Salt Lake City, Utah


I was a bit skeptical upon hearing about the Aquastaser and what it can do, but I wanted to give it a try. Before I installed the Aquastaser my pool had algae and after running the new system for only 3 days, the pool was clear and free of chlorine!

A woman happily swimming in the pool
Sharon V.
Jacksonville, FL

Very Impressed

Amazing how this device works with no chemicals. My kids have a chlorine allergy and also love swimming. But, it always made them so sick. When we switched to the Aquastaser I could not believe how they are now able to swim with no runny eyes or irritation after. Thank you!

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